Contact Razvan Burz

My philosophy is "teach everything you know". Thus, should I be of service to you or your company, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

My expertise spans over 16 years in the IT industry and I am pretty sure I can help you with something, from the services I am offering.

How to Get in Touch

You may contact me if you need my services or for press inquiries and you are not one of my clients already, using the means below to get in touch with me. If you are one of my clients, please use the portal at your disposal to get in touch with me, as this will offer a level of traceability and it is easier for me to keep in touch with you.

I am currently not hiring, but I will let you know when I do, so please don't send in your CVs or website development proposals. I do build websites, web applications, and mobile applications, so don't need your services for those. Don't even offer! I will delete those emails right away and mark your email address as spammy (I know you use Gmail and Hotmail/ to send in spam). And no, I am not interested in your products or services. If they are as good as you say, I would have heard of them already.

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