Razvan Burz

by Razvan Burz


I am deeply saddened and disappointed with what’s happening in the USA these days.

During the course of over a decade since we have started our businesses, I’ve worked with many people. Some of them were black persons, really great business partners, colleagues, and clients.

I am sad and it is a shame to see that, the country that prides itself on being the land of all possibilities and a fair country has come down to this. It’s like it is the 50s all over again and the country’s leadership is questionable.

As I’ve said before, I know, worked, and respect a lot of black persons. They are wonderful human beings, they are someone’s parents, someone’s brothers and sisters, someone’s daughters or sons. They are just like you and me, with a different skin color.

I believe that if you judge someone by her or his skin color than you are a repulsive human being with a narrow mindset.

I am sorry that, after a world-wide pandemic, a World economic crisis our world has come to this, and of all places, the USA, which to some is the promise land and to some is just fear and pain.

Please remember, BLACK LIFES METTER, every person is the same whether color their skin may have.

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