Razvan Burz

by Razvan Burz

The New Burz Website

For over a decade and a half, my team and I have been building software and web products for a myriad of industries and verticals, helping our clients with their businesses.

Now, as I've changed the whole company strategy for the next 10 years, I've decided to build a 360 business brand in a way in which it can prove beneficial for the whole company. It should also improve the online profile should someone needs our services or my team’s expertise.

Starting from today, this will be our single company, with the Romanian podcast, Burzcast, as our own product for Romanian markets.

So welcome, thank you for your visit and please check back or subscribe to the appropriate RSS feed. You may also love the content provided within our newsletter as we will be bringing some valuable technology content, product reviews, infosec articles, development articles, events and so much more (with the occasional op-ed, of course).


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