Migrate to the cloud.

Upscale or downscale as much and as fast as you need.

Welcome to the 2022!

How much money do you want to spend hosting or managing your own servers, on-premises? Let us introduce you to the "cloud". Basically managed servers hosted on Microsoft's or Amazon's data centers around the world, available with basically a click of a mouse.

Scale up or down, add more power or decrease used resources based on your needs and the total amount you want to pay. Pay only for what you use! Don't let the clouds gather above your web application.

We Can Help You Migrate!

Do you host an on-premises application and want to move it to the cloud?

We might be able to help. We have been developing for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services since their inception and we know a thing or two about these "clouds".

There are many ways a web application or website can run in the cloud. Some can be migrated straight away, others require some reengineering to harness the full advantage of the cloud infrastructure and functionalities.

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Key Benefits of Moving Into the Cloud

No hidden costs

Always know how much money you have to pay. Have better estimates for the end of the usage period.

Scale faster

Add or remove as many resources as needed from an intuitive control panel or by using the cloud's API, based on algorithms.

Faster than ever

Add as many resources as you need, on the fly and let technology take care of everything else. Go as fast as you like in seconds.

Security by design

The cloud is secure by design. It implements all the latest technologies and security standards, thus you don't need to do anything, just use it.

Always up to date

You don't need to maintain the infrastructure. It is all been taken care of by experts. You just run your code or application "up there, in the cloud".

Mix and match

Combine technologies per your needs. Use Linux, Windows or run "serverless". Use whatever fits your needs, add or remove whatever you want.

So How Can You Move Into the Cloud?

Well, you cannot, but your web applications or websites can. Let us tell you how. Your application and your business can really benefit from the advantages of moving to the cloud, due to the reasons presented above.

Run web applications, web services or even desktop applications, written using any language in the cloud. The cloud is OS agnostic and development language agnostic. Even legacy applications can benefit from the advantages of the cloud. We know how!

Let's put you up there!


Our team has a high technical expertise. We've got your back!

Just tell us what you need and we will be glad to offer you our full expertise in consulting you, thus allowing you to pick the best possible solution for your project.

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