We are BURZ

We build quality software products and we help you through new media content.

So what's the deal with BURZ?

BURZ is a company founded in 2009, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

At its core we are an international digital company of one playing the infinite game of business and content while offering our clients premium solutions that drive their business outcomes.

Is the above statement a bit too vague for you? Learn what everything means, below!

Company of One

Our core business philosophy is staying as small as possible for as long as possible. Just as it is described in Paul Jarvis's book, "Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business", our company grows as needed.

The team comprises many partners, collaborators, contractors gathered together on a project base. The company is privately owned and managed.

We Play the Infinite Game

All our partners, contractors, and freelancers are gathered together under the same brand, BURZ, with the sole purpose of playing the infinite game.

An infinite game mindset means that we do not really care about our competitors, never try to beat them, be better than them, but rather try to improve our business, our processes, our code of conduct, optimise our products and every code, every day, and with every project. Besides, we try to bring the same mindset into our clients' projects.

We Believe in Content

Before you can sell anything, you must have one's attention. Hopefully, that one is your prospective buyer. How can you get someone's attention in a competing attention-grabbing market? Through content.

That's why we decided 8 years ago to create more content. We have started with a podcast and articles and we will continue with videos, tutorials, trainings in video and audio format, and then some.

We are currently taking on custom PHP, .NET Core/.NET and WordPress projects. Are you ready? Let's talk ▸

So Why Chose BURZ?

Just like every other company we do business and want remuneration for our services and products.

We are not better than the other guys, we are not the smartest and we are not the biggest. Really! We can grow as needed, through partners, to as many as needed, shortly, should we decide your project matches our ambitions.

We are just committed to following our long term business vision and you may be part of it!

Our Long Term Mission & Vision

We want to help a million businesses better operate their software assets, improve their online presence and navigate the technology transformation.

We do our part in this through quality software products built to future-proof your company. That's why we are investing more and more in understanding the Industrial Internet of Things, blockchain, the cloud, and emerging technologies.

We love creating content that helps us with teaching about technology while introducing our audience to great minds.

We see a world where everyone can use technology to do good things, fast. Our mission is an integral part of this vision.


Technologies We Use & Trust


Since we've started in the tech industry, more than 17 years ago, we've worked, built and consulted clients mainly on the following technologies:


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