Integrated digital company with new media DNA

We build mobile software products

We build mobile software products for companies and for end users running on iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.

We build the WWW

We build large scale, enterprise cutting-edge web applications for our business customers.

We build Internet of Things software

For our business partners, we outsource our IoT software development expertise.

We ♥ to entertain you

We build interactive software products, such as enterprise AR/VR, video games and e-learning products.


A word from the owner, Razvan Burz

I am Razvan BURZ, a 36 years-old programmer, podcaster, blogger, and coffee enthusiast.

I've spent over 18 years coding in PHP and about 16 years building different desktop, mobile, and web applications using Microsoft's .NET Framework and, lately, the .NET. Since 2018 I am dipping my toes, occasionally, in Swift as well.

I am the founder and owner of this digital company "of one", one which believes in playing the infinite game of business and content.

My philosophy in my life is to teach everything I know so that my knowledge, learnings or findings are passed beyond myself. I am using a few mediums to do this: my two podcasts, this blog, my (occasional) videos, and public or private speeches.

A New Chapter for the BURZ Company

The transition to the new brand is almost done. As we are closing the doors to an old chapter in our business, we are opening them to a new one.

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Services & Agency Capabilities

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Projects Delivered


Happy Customers

We are currently taking on custom PHP, .NET Core/.NET and WordPress projects. Are you ready? Let's talk ▸

Digital Products, Content
& Integrated Marketing

Website Design & Development

Our team at BURZ designs and builds from simple up to complex websites and web applications for a myriad of devices, from smartphones to large displays. With today's mobile growth, where more than 75% of all web traffic comes from smartphones, it's important that your brand has a mobile-first website.

Mobile Applications

Have the full potential of a powerful iOS or iPadOS with you all the time, in your pocket, purse, or... in the case of Apple Watch on your wrist. Yes, we develop mobile software and web applications for your company's needs. Are you ready for what's next?

Industry X.0

The best software products, created specifically for your Internet of Things devices. Basically the software the devices you produce and your end-users deserve. With an expertise of over 9 years in developing MQTT, MODBUS, and ISA 100 software, we may be your business's best match.

Software Development

We are a one-stop shop for all your software development needs. The team we've assembled can develop products for a myriad of verticals, from native to cloud-based, desktop or client-server, database-driven, highly complex software products. And if you just need a little hand with some of your outsourcing needs, we're here for you.

UI/UX & Architecture

This is one of those professional services where you really need to let experts do it! With a vast experience in designing, architecting, and building a myriad of software applications and web sites for many clients, we've mainly built our experience in the field, doing it over and over again.


With vast expertise in cloud computing, gained since its inception, we can recommend ways in which your company can scale up or down and save money harnessing the power of cloud computing from various providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 or Amazon Web Services.

Digital & Interactive Products

At at BURZ we build digital products ranging from mobile apps for iOS/iPadOS devices to desktop computers running on macOS, Windows or Linux. With an experience of over 16 years in software development, there isn't a software product that we cannot build for your business (within imposed technical limitations).

Virtual & Augmented Reality

We love the "new" reality. We create digital virtual software products for a myriad of industries, where such technologies may improve the human interaction between each other or with different machines, such as the medical field, Industrial Internet of Things, and many more.

IoT: Fog Computing

Local and on-device temporary data storage, analysis, and reporting. This new technology reduces the amount of data sent via limited or expensive connections found on the Internet of Things devices. We build software and web applications that control, cash, and process these data then sends it into the cloud or on the datacenter.

Let's Get in Touch

Drop us a line. See how my team and I may help you.

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Technologies We Use & Trust


Since we've started in the tech industry, more than 16 years ago, we've worked, built and consulted clients mainly on the following technologies:


We have clients in 10+ countries

Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, and Iran.

Latest Burzcast Podcast Episodes

This is our Romanian podcast about Technology & Business

Burzcast #108: Radu Milos si pontajul online

Am discutat cu Radu Milos, CTO and Founder al Elysian Software despre aplicatia de pontaj electronic, Tassis. Printre altele, am mai dezbatut probleme ce tin de productia de software. Am aflat ce face Elysian Software si ce tehnologii utilizeaza. In aftershow am discutat putin despre problema invatamantului la distanta, aplicat in special in Universitatile din tara.

Podcast episode

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